Here’s a list of new features for the upcoming Archimede 2.0 version:

  • Fine-grained security
  • Automatic versioning of content
  • Supports for locks (for exclusive content editing)
  • Support for custom workflows (editable at run-time)
  • Web-Dav + DeltaV interface
  • Custom metadata formats (run-time addition)
  • Improved Web interface
  • Support for portal integration (JSR-168 portlets)
  • Fully implements the Java Content Repository standard (JSR-170). Archimede is built on top of the Jackrabbit reference implementation.
  • Pluggable authentication/authorization module that uses Java Authentication and Authorization Service. (For example, LDAP authentication can be easily added.)
  • Flexible event notification (new content, content modification, etc.)

ARCHIMEDE : A canadian software solution for institutional repositories

Laval University Library recently launched the third component of its institutional repository. Called « Archimede » ( , this component covers e-prints, pre-prints, post-prints and other research publications from faculty members and research communities.

Following a thorough analysis of available software solutions, including E-prints and D-Space, the library decided to develop its own customized application. Inspired by the D-Space model, Archimede is arranged around research communities and fully developed in open source. The system is OAI compliant, using a Dublin Core metadata set. An open source distribution of Archimede is now available.

Following are some highlights of the special features and characteristics of the system :

  • Archimede has been developed in a multilingual perspective, with internationalization as a focus. Using the open source standard (i18n), the text (or content) of the interface is independent and not embedded in the code. It is then relatively easy to develop an interface in a specific language without having to work on the code itself. English, French and Spanish interfaces are already offered in Archimede. That feature allows also the user to switch easily from language to language anywhere and anytime during his search and retrieval process.
  • Archimede is flexible and not dependent on a specific platform. The system can be installed on Linux as well as on Windows. For a library wishing to implement the solution, the system can be easily adapted to the technical infrastructure already in place, thus increasing the efficiency of the implementation process.
  • Archimede allows searching on metadata as well as on the full text, thus enhancing the power of the search engine. An application is being developed that will automatically generate and translate from the text and the abstract a proposed set of controlled vocabulary subject headings. This will be done through the « Répertoire des vedettes-matières de la Bibliothèque de l'Université Laval » and its links to LC Subject headings, Canadian Subject headings, Mesh hand AAT.
  • The search engine is based on open source Lucene, using LIUS (Lucene Index Update and Search), a customized framework developed at Laval by the library staff. LIUS allows indexing of different types of documents formats : XML, HTML, PDF, RTF, MS Word, MS Excel, JavaBeans; it also permits mixed indexing, integrating for example in the same occurrence metadata in XML and full text in PDF, HTML, etc…

Archimede has been developed from a range of Java technologies and full open source applications.

From DRDB (Laval University site ­ Department of organisational information systems) Dzenan Ridjanovic and Vincent Dussault are the developpers of these projets.

This project has been realized by a dedicated team of analysts and librarians, all members of the library staff:

- Coordinator and supervisor: Rida Benjelloun

- Analysis and programming : Nicolas Bélisle, Rida Benjelloun and Allen Whittom

- Web design and graphics : Pascal Boucher and Patrick Bissonnette

- Documentation : Pierre Lasou, Dave Anderson

- Translation : Dave Anderson, Sebastian Valdivieso and Anne-Marie Goulet

- Style sheet support : Yves Zoundi

- Ant scripts support : Yves Zoundi

- Server maintenance and support : Pierre Lemieux

Archimede is the third component of the Laval University Library Institutional Repository.

The other components are :

  • Theses and dissertations (project being managed in cooperation with the School of graduate studies)
  • Scholarly Journals and Monographs. The Library is the production center for the electronic version of Laval scholarly journals and monographs available through the interuniversity portal Erudit ( Erudit is a joint project of Université de Montréal/DGTIC, Université Laval/Library, Université du Québec à Montréal/Research Office and university presses. Documents hosted in Laval Archimede and Theses site are also linked to Erudit.